The CharIoT Energy Kit comprises an IoT sensor kit (wireless humidity, temperature, electricity and gas sensors and interactive apps) and, crucially, an effective use process to enable data collection and analysis to diagnose and mitigate fuel poverty issues such as damp, mould, cold homes, and unaffordable energy bills. The kit is designed to enable stakeholders (energy advisors, housing associations, councils, property owners etc.) to deploy and effectively use the Energy Kit at scale to make sense of and inform how to improve energy performance of homes. The Chariot Energy Kit is the outcome of several EPSRC-funded research projects. In the most recent Horizon Digital Economy Research-funded project (, the existing Chariot Energy Kit was improved from a research prototype to an (early stage) product. The project made the advances to make kit easier to configure and deploy by organisations, and provided new data analytics capabilities. We have also been awarded EPSRC Impact Accelerator funds which were used to promote the Chariot Energy Kit to potential beneficiaries such as charities, housing associations, councils, and their clients (e.g., vulnerable tenants). The Horizon project built on the earlier EPSRC CharIoT project, in which the Chariot Energy Kit was first developed for the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE). CSE is a charity that provides advice, especially to households in fuel poverty.