CharIoT kick off

We are excited that project CharIoT has formally begun! This EPSRC funded project (EP/L02392X/1) runs for 18 months from October 2014 until  March 2016. It is a collaboration between the University of Nottingham, the University of Southampton and the Centre for Sustainable Energy. This is what the project will be about (excerpt from the proposal):

This “in the wild” project focuses on how the Internet of Things (IoT) might avoid an emphasis on technologies that support a few digitally privileged households to consider how it may be beneficial to all elements of society. We are particularly interested in involving users at the edges of digital society, the low-income vulnerable households that are typically left behind by technological development. To achieve this broad aim we will work with low-income households currently in fuel poverty who are subject to ever increasing energy costs that they feel powerless to mitigate.



Author: Joel Fischer