Monthly Archives: October 2015

New sensors


James and Mike have been hard at work getting the sensors ready for the next round of deployments. With our new sensor kit (different configurations of what’s on the image), we’ll be able to sense: temperature humidity CO2 (occupancy) electricity  

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IoT configuration

An ever increasing number of everyday objects from our homes, workplaces and even from our wardrobes, are getting connected to the Internet, creating the much discussed "Internet of Things" (IoT). With increased connectivity comes additional risk. These objects can be attacked and possibly hijacked, putting our privacy, data and safety in question.Setting personalized and "strong" […]

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IoT Simple

IoT Simple is a very basic framework for Internet of Things applications. It is built around an AVR 8-bit micro-controller (the same type used on Arduino), various pluggable radio modules (e.g. WiFi, or CISECO), and a Python-Django HTTP server. Rather than a generic multi-purpose board, a very simple design is adapted for specific projects, including […]

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