How healthy is your home?

Domestic electricity, temperature, and humidity monitoring

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    CharIoT is a web platform that aims to leverage the "Internet of Things" to support people in managing their energy use particularly those affected by fuel poverty. The platform relies on a sensor kit to capture environmental data that is meaning in the context of fuel poverty (such as humidity and temperature), and explore ways in which to interrogate the data for the 'symptoms' of fuel poverty, such as damp and cold. Chariot is a collaboration between researchers at the University of Nottingham, the University of Southampton, and the Centre for Sustainable Energy. This project was funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

    Machine Learning

    Our algorithms and models predict how the home and its occupants will use gas and electricity.

    Interactive Visualisation

    Analyse multiple data stream form sensors deployed in the home to better understand "why" peaks in energy usage occur.

    Electricity Monitoring

    Understand whether unsused devices are left on or which applicances are consuming too much energy.

    Heating Cost Prediction

    Algorithms model the heating efficiency of the home (on a per room level) and predict hte savings to be made from improvements to insulation or the central heating system.

    Open Source

    All our algorithms and visualisations are open-source (only for non-commercial use) and can be extended to account for different heating systems.

    User-centered Design

    Our visualisations have been co-developed with energy advisors to facilitate conversations with home occupants.

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